Thursday, January 17


last night i found myself screaming and yelling at the tv for the first time in a long time. and i watch the Walking Dead

i was a big fan of Top Chef when the show first started. it was innovative, it was interesting, and it coincided with the food/foodie craze that had just started. however, recent seasons have been less than stellar. they did a dessert-themed season (meh-after a while you become numb to pictures of cakes and sweets). the regular seasons became too formulaic (a trademark villain that everyone loves to hate and a clear standout winner). and with the master chef series it was delicious but boring (no scandalous behavior since everyone was already an accomplished professional well-known chef). 

the above introduction aside, somehow, i found myself diving back into this season's Top Chef-Seattle. 

and so it was that i spent the last 15 minutes of last night's episode yelling obscenities at the tv, with the final one being "f*ck you!!!!!!!!!" before throwing my remote with disgust on the bed. 

*****spoiler alert*****

really Top Chef judges? you eliminate Kristin? i mean look at this bitch (said with the implication of fierce, smart, graceful leader):

pretty good-looking and kicking ass in the challenges. she kicked enough ass in the last episode to become executive chef for Restaurant Wars. 

then let's compare her with who she was competing against for elimination, which was this bitch (said with the tone usually reserved for Jerry Springer and Montell):

Josie was barely hanging on in the last 2 episodes. and it's always an issue with her timing (and in the last 2 episodes her flavor profiles and cooking as well). 

in the end, although Josie entirely f*cked up challenge for Kristin, you eliminated Kristin. yes, Josie threw Kristin under the bus, which was a game methodology that Kristin refused to play so she simply owned up to the fact that "the buck stopped" with her since she was the executive chef.

it seems there's been some serious backlash on the interwebs about their decision and both Gail Simmons and Tom Colicchio have backtracked and attempted to justify themselves via the Bravo Top Chef blogs (here and here). but Top Chef judges know better. they've been at this game for at least 9 seasons. and they've actually seen Josie perform in a prior season (where she was eliminated). and saw some clear issues with her from the last few challenges.  shame on you judges. particularly Padma Lakshi, who (the show edited to appear) instigated and got-all-up-in-Gail's-face to advocate giving Kristin the boot.

i'm not really sure i can continue watching the show right now. every time i see a Top Chef logo i get incensed. 

they're just lucky that she won at Last Chance Kitchen

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