Thursday, August 2

i kimbap you

the only good thing about having to go to Queens County Supreme Court in Jamaica for a 9:30 a.m. appearance is that i stop in ktown to pick up lunch. since i take the F train back and have to transfer to either the 4/5, R, or 1 to get back to the office, i get out at ktown and pick up some lunch and then hop on the R back to my office.

 this time, in the mood for something that could potentially cure my hangover, i picked up kimbap from E-mo (which is also on my list). i ordered a roll of spicy tuna ($6.50) and sausage ($6) but ended up receiving 2 rolls of spicy tuna. 

i can see why people are so affected by their kimbap. unlike some other places, they use 2 very traditional (hence non-traditional) ingredients: burdock root and sesame leaves. i'm a big fan of sesame leaves although japanese and korean foods are the only cuisines i've seen use them. and when i bought a bunch for a korean barbecue dinner i made for them, all of them really disliked the flavor of the sesame leaves although i find it refreshing, like a savory mint. burdock root on the other hand, isn't something i like the taste of, although i've used it in kimbap i've made before, and no one else seemed to mind it.

all in all, glad to have crossed E-mo off my list but in no rush to go back, unless i'm in the mood for some spam or beef kimbap. but then i can always just pop by Woorijip for those cravings and other snacks as well...

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