Sunday, July 22

A Day of Rest

every once in a while i get a little burnt out with the monotony that is (my) life. sometimes the whole "rat race" concept feels a little too close to home. so when i get into one of these moods, i tend to take a day off from work. although it's not a true day off since i usually have to work from home, but the good part is i can enjoy some of the day-time things that i don't get to partake in when i have to be in the office all day.

luckily for me, Life is 1 of my few remaining friends who hasn't been tied down to a 9-5 (or 7) yet. so he was more than game to meet up with me to catch the happy hour deal at Strong Place, a few blocks away from my apartment. in turn, i got to partake in my favorite kind of happy hour: $1 oysters. 

if i could eat only 1 food for the rest of my life- ok, wait, that's too horrible for me to think about. let's start again: amongst my favorite foods that i don't get to eat enough of, oysters would probably be at the top of my list, perhaps along with pate, foie gras, porterhouse steak, korean barbecue, uni....

 tangent aside, oyster happy hours depress me because i can never get off work in time to enjoy them and most of them only run during the week. 

 and so it was that Life found me sitting at the bar at Strong Place with a dozen oysters in front of me and a 2-for-1 draft beer.  the oysters are already a great happy hour deal, and for beer drinkers, the 2-for-1 draft deal is even better. Strong Place has an extensive list of draft beers and includes its entire menu in its 2-for-1 happy hour special. the only catch is that the pours seem to be 12-oz pours vs. the traditional 16-oz pour. but for $5 for 2 beers of the more unique variety, i think it's a good trade-off.  i usually don't partake in fancy beers because they almost always give me the traditional asian-red-face and then just make me pee a lot and sometimes even gives me a headache. but who can say no to 2-for-1 int eh $5-$7 range?

while Life and i chatted, we somehow got onto the topic of Scoutmob, of which i'm a strong advocate. particularly since the first time i'd heard about it was while eating the best burger from Burger on Smith. although it's a little more expensive than two-8-two, it has a ton more topping options and remains cheaper than Moo Burger. plus, if you have Scoutmob, you get 50% off your entire order (capped at a $15 maximum discount). when Life and i went, they were also doing a beer special (with a better option than your generic Yuengling/Bud/Coors options). 

the fries are always crispy and flavorful but the burgers are what i go for. and 1 burger in particular: the Left Coast (beef burger, gruyere, avocado, oven roasted tomato, arugula, and garlic aoili) ($13) which is also served with a pickle and coleslaw. 

great. now i'm hungry.

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