Wednesday, May 30

covert moves

this morning i found myself on a packed 5 train on my way into work. never a fun experience, especially in all this heat, but thank god the 4/5 trains tend to have very good A/C (better than my current apartment, where i haven't installed my window unit yet. and am melting because of my laziness/ineptitude).

the only spot available was the standing bar directly in front of the doors, which works fine for me since work's only 2 stops away. and today, i had the pleasure of having eye candy in the form of a good-looking man standing across from. hooray!

i'd also see this guy before on at least 1 occasion on the same train, and must've thought he was attractive then as well, since i clearly remembered him. as i surreptitiously stole glances at him, i realized how inopportune my position was in relation to him.  if i wasn't standing directly in front of him, at such a close distance, i could probably just stare away to my heart's content and enjoy his sharp, attractive features. but in my current location, it would be super creepy and awkward to just stare straight at him.

seeing this in front of you COULD make you uncomfortable. just a bit.
which was such a shame since he was very pleasant to look at.

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