Wednesday, October 6

when worlds collide

it always feels a little weird when someone or something you know in completely different capacities end up coming together, isn't it? like when you introduce your college roommate to your high school friend and find out that they know each other already. there's nothing wrong with it, it just unsettles your understanding of the world for that 1 nano-second.

i experienced that last night when i was watching Playful Kiss. Around 10 mins into episode 8, 2 supporting characters are sitting in a cafe eating food. it's not that exciting a scene so i wasn't really paying attention and was finishing up some work and just listening to it in the background.

i wish you luck
and i wish it true
that's the best
i can do for you

cause you'll probably find love
in someone new
i have to let go
yeah it's hard to do

wait. what? why am i singing David Choi?

so if i ever see you on the street
i'll pretend that i didn't see
and turn my face
no use in small talk anyways

because if i look into your eyes
then i'll have to say goodbye
and that'll break my heart
so i won't even start

is that "Won't Even Start" by David Choi playing in the background of this cafe scene in Playful Kiss? yes folks, it is!

hmmm, i wonder if he's really that popular in Korea. would i get to see him on Music Bank or Inkigayo any time soon?

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