Monday, September 20


to the New Yorker that is diligently checking this blog, i say "hello", although who it could be i have no idea.

btw, just to clarify, i am so not korean. i just happened to date one/two (eons ago) and thoroughly enjoy listening to k-pop and watching dramas (currently enjoying My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Playful Kiss).

i guess i really should be more careful. because more and more, ppl are starting to get confused.

i recently had relatives visiting, which means a lot of going out to eat (i am back to blueberry form due to all the dining out). amongst the myriad of dining choices was Keo Ku, which was the 1st korean restaurant that i remember opening up around my town (it's technically not in my town but 2 towns over). i remember going there 1-3 times before my family and our friends decided it was too expensive, and i haven't been there since although i've wanted to, since there really are no other korean options around my house unless i trek to 32nd St. or Fort Lee.

so i was pretty psyched when someone suggested we give Keo Ku another try. and i was pleasantly surprised when i saw they had signficantly extended their menu options, and to include a multitude of specials affixed to the walls. i got extra excited when i saw the specials included samgyetang and budejigae. anyone who's been with me to Kunjip knows army stew's my jam. it was a tough decision but i ended up ordering the budejigae.

and they have makgeolli? what?

the food was just "eh" and not at all comparable to others that i've had, but props to them for trying to offer the full array of korean cuisine, even if it perhaps does spread them too thin. however, that wasn't the highlight of the evening.

i always get a little dorky excited when i can practice any of the linguistic vocab i've picked up from friends/television/books/music. this comes out full force when i'm in japanese, korean, and chinese restaurants run by native speakers. i just can't help myself. and this was no exception.

although, i didn't really say anything. i just ordered food. 2 orders of samgyupsal, budaejigae, soondubu, and haemul pajeon. maybe it was the choice of food, or my spot-on pronunciation (insert sarcasm here), but, seeing as i'd only ordered 1 portion of haemul pajeon for our table of 8, the waitress proceeded to explain to me how 1 portion wouldn't be enough for all of us. completely in korean. and when i gave her my "huh?" look, she proceeded to explain again. in korean, but a little slower. and with hand guestures.

so i guess i should stop posing.


Miranda said...

I could be the New Yorker...

I just started law school (been in NYC for 6 years working in the music biz) and found your blog the other day. I checked an article over the weekend then yesterday added it to my RSS feed, which may explain the daily clicks!

I'm safe!

tma said...

haha. i wasn't worried! and thanks for reading!

good luck with law school. it's a rough road ahead.