Friday, May 7

Expiration Dates Are Just Guidelines least that's what i tell myself. it makes me feel better about certain things like the Peach Light & Fit yogurt i'm eating right now. the lid clearly shows an expiration date of April 25, 2010. here's my thought process:

"o crap, i'm late for work. i need to grab a quick breakfast. but i don't have time to make anything."

"oooo, there's a lot of yogurt left. i'll grab one of those."

(pause) "April 25th huh? what's today's date? i know it's definitely May at this point."

"ooo, JYP and 2AM are gonna be at Roseland Ballroom on the 18th. should i go? i don't really want to see JYP but i totes wanna see 2AM...wait, no time for random tangents."

"o crap, no time at all! i'll just grab this yogurt. after all, it's already milk gone bad. how much worse can it get with time?"

...and that's how i end up at this moment: typing this blog post after having just eaten an expired yogurt. it tasted fine. and i know i won't get sick because i already ate one yesterday and didn't get sick.
also, i can't believe they're making an Asian-American "Jersey Shore" set in K-town. i can't tell if this is gonna be the stupidest show ever or pure evil genius. it has the potential to have all my favorite reality show ingredients:

1. FIGHTS: cause korean guys and girls love to throw down. it's actually one of the reasons i'll actually go to K-town on weekend nights. the night starts out with everyone looking good in their going-out gear and as the night progresses you start seeing guys formerly in button-downs all of a sudden turn into brawlers in wife-beaters. seriously, they change into white/black tanktops the way Clark Kent changes into Superman. do korean guys have special button-downs to do that? they just tug a little at the collar of their button-down and it rips away to reveal the tanktop underneath? and the girls are just as good because they almost always are the ones who instigate the fights. and when korean girls fight each other, watch out. those girls look all hoochie but they can get super-gangsta when it comes time to fight. or else they'll get some guy to do it for them.

2. DRUNKEN SLOPPINESS: no explanation necessary hear. going out in K-town is always bottles and "buying rounds and shots for the boys". everyone's a baller in K-town (or at least they like to look like they are). and everyone's friends with the promoters and bartenders so there's always tons o' drinks.

3. PIMPS & HOES: based on the aforementioned #2, it shouldn't be surprising the hooking up that ensues. although, in this aspect, i don't think K-town's as bad as other places. it's pretty much on par or, actually, even less. why? because asian girls only run in 2 kinds: those that can hold their liquor and those that can't. there's not many in-betweens. so asian guys don't have much luck either way. asian girls that can hold their liquor won't sloppy it out in the middle of the club (at least not for long. if they like you, you might get some action, but not for more than a few mins in public-then it's all behind closed doors). asian girls that can't hold their liquor will sloppy it up for as long as the drunkeness holds, but then it always inevitably goes downhill. those girls almost always end up getting sick and then it's toilet hugging and falling down all over the place, but rarely hooking up at the same time.

o well, i'll just have to wait and see. how badly does it reflect on my that i'm more than a little intrigued by the concept?


Vicki Loo said...

i'm totally with ya on the fear for KTown...tho I think I must abbasolutely watch it.

and 2AM whuuuuuut! JYP hangs out a lot in Leonia..maybe I can stalk Kwonnie around the JYPE building or on Broad Ave :)

tma said...

i wanna stalk with you!!! plus i really like 2AM's maknae.