Thursday, April 29

i have become completely boring.

as is obvious from my lack of update on this blog. sometimes i fail to update because i'm SUPER-LAZY but not from lack of "something" to report.

ummm.... not really the case right now.

i am just utterly and completely boring.

o well.

so, what is the point of this post then?

uuummm. just to say "hello" i guess? let any possible readers out there know i'm not dead? are there any readers out there? [insert reverberating echo here]. hmmph, i guess not. well, for the reader who happens to be reading this, i'll introduce this gadget i found useful.

since i've finally found steady employment (pending a disaster) and because i'm finally working as an Esq., i realized i should be careful what info gets put out there. enter this handy gadget which allows me to check what Facebook information is available for the public to see (i already did it and am glad to know aside from my name, there's not really much else).

um, yea, so that's it.

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