Friday, April 13

The Park

so a while ago i went to Opus 22 for Stitch's party. Stitch is all kinds of hooked up so we had a table in the back w/a bottle of Grey Goose. it was pretty fun, a little cramped, but definitely the best selection of music i've heard while out in a while (lots of hip hop & R&B).

afterwards, everyone wanted to head over to the Park. now, i know i'm asian, but i'd never been to the Park before. and based on everyone's reaction when i told them about it, i feel ashamed as an asian. the final straw was when i called Egg to invite him to go and told him it was an asian club and he said "yea, i know. i've been there before". i felt so twinkified at that moment.

we had to wait on line to get into Park b/c we had 4 guys and 1 girl (me). turns out the Park has a rule that no one can get in w/o a girl. luckily at that moment Ming ran into some ppl he knew who had about 7 girls and 3 guys, so the ratio worked out. the downstairs of the Park is nice, w/a nice patio area to sit. however, we went upstairs which is extremely crowded and sweaty. this place is definitely an asian mecca. unfortunately, i didn't have my phone on me so when Egg got there w/his friend (a guy) they were stuck outside for a while until some random girls took pity and got them in. overall, i got the Park out of my system and now i can call myself a true asian.

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